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Better Lemons 

100% Double SWEET 

Weekend Pick!

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"I have been privileged to have viewed literally thousands of stage performances in London’s West End, on Broadway and in Los Angeles and absolutely “To Dad With Love a Tribute to Buddy Ebsen” is among the best of the best."

Ron Irwin~Los Angeles Post-Examiner

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"Warm and engaging ...

Heartfelt storytelling...

Richly intimate...Magic...

We all became instant fans."

Linita Masters~Hollywood360

Review                              Interview

"I guarantee you will love this show."

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros~

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"The entire production is wonderful and gratifying - Highly Recommended"

Carol Kaufman~Carol's Cultural Corner

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"From the very first song, Kiki charmed us with her vocals and seasoned technique and individual style and unique phrasing."

Sheryl Aronson~Agenda Magazine

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"Accomplished singer, songwriter, actor, producer--Kiki Ebsen applies her considerable talents to a tribute to her father"


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"She lights up the stage with her charismatic and charming personality and makes her dad proud."

Harrison Held~

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"I was blown away by Kiki’s vocals – the gal can sing! Her beautiful interpretations ...garnered enthusiastic applause and I found myself filled with joy."

Melanie~L.A. Explorer

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"...wonderful show that reflects love and understanding."

Margie Baron~Tolucan Times


“To Dad With Love—A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen” is one of those nights at the theatre that has a way of sneaking up on you and tugging all the heart strings that you thought were long worn and gone."

Elizabeth Gracen~Flapper Press

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"...a portrait of beautiful humanity seen through the eyes of a loving daughter."

Tracey Paleo~Discover Hollywood

"Kiki Ebsen created something so memorable, so powerful with all kinds of life lessons."

Myrna Daniels~L.A. Jazz Scene

This is, without a doubt, a show you should not miss.  Go for the music, go for the history, or go for the tap dancing.  Take your pick because it is all a powerful night of theatre. 

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