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  -Special Theater Event - Kiki Ebsen 
  -Director - S. E. Feinberg 

  -Sound Design - Steve Wallace

  -Lighting Design - Ernie McDaniel

  -Choreography - Gregory Gast

As Buddy Ebsen’s youngest daughter, Kiki was in kindergarten when Buddy began portraying Jed Clampett, of TV’s iconic “Beverly Hillbillies.” When he starred as private eye detective Barnaby Jones (together with Lee Meriwether, veteran Theatre West member and patron), Kiki was finishing high school.

Buddy Ebsen’s career spanned seven decades. He shared his talents as a dancer, singer, actor (films, theatre, and television), songwriter, and watercolor artist. The Disney Legend was also an author of fiction and nonfiction and a distinguished competitive sailor in his spare time. Out of the spotlight at home, he was “Dad” to eight children from two marriages.

Kiki grew up in community theatre, behind the scenes and on stage, with the Children’s Theater Guild of Orange County and later, the Newport Harbor Actors Theater, both under the direction of her talented mother, Nancy Ebsen.


A decade after Buddy’s death, Kiki paused her touring career to reflect on her father’s life and work. A rediscovered acting trunk produced a wealth of resource materials—original scripts, old letters, songbooks, and photos—a montage of his life. From this, Kiki was inspired to record “Scarecrow Sessions,” in time for Father’s Day 2014. Her sixth CD then became the genesis for a musical evening.

In 2015, Kiki developed “To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen,” to perform the music of “Scarecrow Sessions” with a talented jazz band. Her brother Dustin Ebsen, an award-winning videographer worked with Kiki and added over 200 images, creating a multimedia slideshow for their music and storytelling montage. The show achieved substantial audience and critical acclaim during its run from 2015–2017.

The next natural step was to create an expanded show for the theatre, which Kiki initially brought to Theatre West for three consecutive nights, October 12, 13 and 14, 2018.  Audiences familiar with Buddy Ebsen, and for those who are just learning about him, will enjoy hearing about his Hollywood career, a special dance routine, and poignant life stories as Kiki describes what it’s like to follow in your parents’ footsteps without getting lost in their shadows. The show is co-created by Kiki Ebsen and her brother, Dustin Ebsen.

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Winner of THREE
2019 Better Lemons Awards!

    - DoubleSWEET #LemonMeter

    -Critics Choice

    -Audience Choice

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